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Stress Relieving Food

9 July 2014

Don’t stress eat, stress squeeze!

Stress balls come in a variety of shapes and sizes and can be used to enhance your presence in the marketplace. Stress shapes can be used to address almost any marketing need and are a favoured promotional product.

Want to know how our products are being used in the market place?

The Onion Food Stress Ball has been used in conference and meeting team building activities to reinforce the theme "peeling away the layers”. These stress onions were custom printed with the name of the program for the participants to take back to their office to remind them of the lesson.

An assortment of food Stress Shape Key Rings have been used by marketing managers in the promotion of healthy eating campaigns. The key ring was a great choice as it meant the person receiving the product popped it straight on their key ring and then was reminded of it whenever they used their keys. Not only was the message conveyed to the customer but also it was a bit of stress relieving fun at the same time. In some instances, we have to used products sourced directly from a factory. These custom products take a little longer and have a higher minimum but they can make all the difference to your promotional marketing campaign.

Our Stress Apple Ball was used by Prime7 to promote their show "Once Upon a Time”. The Stress Apple was an ideal fit for their marketing brief. Prime7 was looking for a cheap but effective product to promote their new show in a fun and easy to hand out way. The Promotional Stress Apple was perfect for this!

None of these promotional foods seem like your kind of thing?

Don’t worry! We can also make custom stress shapes as well.

And, if you need any of our stress balls super fast, simply review the stock stress balls available and contact us for a quote. We can produce them in as little as 48 hours for an extra cost. We have met some very tight deadlines so give us a call and we will see what we can come up with.

We just like providing you with the best possible product to meet your needs.

Stress Shapes in 2 minutes.