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Prime's Promotional Pickle

14 May 2014



Prime7's Promotional Pickle


At Grenada, sometimes our customers come to us with Promotional Pickles. They want a certain product to do a certain job and provide maximum visibility of their brand but they aren’t sure how to achieve that.

Recently, Prime7 News came to us with a visibility problem. They wanted an umbrella to protect their reporters as they delivered news outside but still wanted their full colour brand visible. Typically, Umbrellas are branded on the top panels. This meant that the Prime7 News logo was obscured and not really visible on camera.

We had to approach the issue from a different angle.

What if we branded the umbrella on the inside panels?

As far as we were aware, this had never been done before and upon trialing, we found out why. Traditional methods of screen-printing were impractical on the inside of an umbrella and full colour transfers would just peel off.

So we thought up some other ideas.

What if we were to use a reverse transfer on the outside?

This would make the logo look less defined and wash out the colours.

What if we screen-printed on the panels before the umbrella was put together?
Large quantities and long lead times would apply.

What if the panels had some kind of chemical that was preventing the decoration from sticking?

There wasn’t really anything we could do to solve this.

Then we came back to our original idea. It was possible that it was just the type of umbrella that we were using.

In consultation with our supplier and decorating partners, we found anumbrella that would let a full colour transfer adhere to both the inside and outside panels. We put two transfers on the inside back panels and one on the outside of the front panel. The umbrella could then be strategically held by the reporter to give maximum exposure to the three branding positions during the news report.


Sometimes, to meet the needs of our customers, we have to think outside the box and come up with a non-traditional solution so that brand visibility is maximized. You can be assured that we will do our very best to solve any promotional problem you throw our way.

We just love promotional challenges and getting you out of your promotional pickles.

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