What do your prices include ?
All unit prices quoted on this site include:
• Set up costs
• Artwork
• Credit card fees for Visa/MasterCard/Amex
• Freight to capital cities/major centres (remote exemptions may apply), one location
Prices displayed on each product page exclude GST.
To qualify for special web pricing, we will require payment prior to dispatch.
Will I receive an Artwork proof ?
Absolutely, all orders are processed using Grenada Promotions industry leading ordering system.
Not only will you receive artwork proofs, you will be kept updated as part of the order process.
Are there more promotional stress shapes available ?
Yes! There are thousands more! 
If you can't find what you need, please talk to us.
We'll go searching for you.
How can I order from you ?
The best way is to give us a call or send us an email. Ideally, We would like to discuss your needs and so we can better meet them. There may be other options available that you have not considered. We also believe its important to have an in-depth discussion when it comes to decoration so you receive the best branding possibly for your product.  
You can call 1300 855593 (local call) or email us, whichever you find most convenient.
Why do your prices exclude GST?
The majority (over 90%) of our promotional stress shapes are purchased by business clients for advertising needs. The feedback we have received is that the users of this site would like to know the true cost to their business, i.e, ex GST.
A detailed order confirmation is provided with every order to ensure you understand the total cost before proceeding.
How does the 6 week service work?
The stress shape is printed in the overseas factory and sent by sea.  It's not possible to reduce lead time, so please select another service, like 15 days, for quicker delivery.   Delays can occur in customs, so please do not select this service for tight deadlines just over 6 weeks.  Further, Chinese New Year will delay orders placed during this festival.
Stress Shape Information
1. No two anti stress items are exactly the same shape or colour, and items may have been sprayed with a release agent in manufacturing, which means we cannot guarantee ink density.
2. Avoid stipples and half tones in your printing.
3. Solid type and small areas of reverse print are not recommended. Expect some breaking up or show through of item colour when large areas of solid print or block of print area is used.
4. Squares & rectangles on some round shapes may cause an optical illusion.
5. Anti stress items are for squeezing to reduce stress and for fun.
6. Prints on anti stress items can never be compared to newsprint or ads in magazines.
7. Some white stress items turn yellow after continued use.
8. White ink may be transparent.
9. Anti stress items are not toys and not suitable for children under 5 or pets.
10. If in doubt call for a sample and request a production proof.
11. Anti stress items may vary from shipment to shipment. If colour is important request sample of colour from latest shipment and specify on order.

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